About Us

A‑Perspective Virtual Tours is a located in Charleston, South Carolina. We are a virtual tour developer that is a small business which can give you individual personal attention, but with big business capabilities backing us up, helping you to remain competitive with your marketing campaigns.

The photographer and tour developer is Scott, who has over 4 decades of photography experience. Scott has been photographing everything from nature, to portraits, to sports, to architecture, to photojournalism since elementary school, starting with his pocket 110 camera, moving on to 35mm film in high school. All photography is now done with new-age digital SLR cameras.

Professionally, Scott is a member of:

The Professional Photographers of America
The Connecticut Association of Photographers
The Photographic Society of America

A‑Perspective Virtual Tours was created as Scott's digital photography interests and services have moved down a more commercial track. He now performs complete marketing and photography for real estate and commercial applications, with a focus on creating exceptional quality images for use in print and panoramic virtual tour productions.

Scott brings a wide variety of skills and expertise to each shoot. When not photographing for clients, Scott enjoys outdoor activities, camera collecting, and practicing the latest digital photographic methods. His creativity, keen visual sense of space, ability to perceive unusual views of ordinary settings, and attention to little details enables him to artistically enhance the grace and essence of each subject and setting, capturing memories and moments in time.

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