Pricing Examples

Virtual Tour Pricing - Commercial Properties - 2013


Now in full-screen high-definition!

All pricing examples below are estimates.  Exact costs will be based on your requirements and the number of panoramic and still shots needed to properly showcase the property.  All photos are shot using the HDR method and digitally enhanced, and are available in full-screen in the virtual tour.


Contact us and we can get you an estimate based on your 360° tour and imaging needs.  We will determine a price per tour based on your virtual tour type, volume, and specific delivery terms.  A custom proposal is created for you to review, and once agreed upon we'll begin creating your virtual tour.

A‑Perspective Virtual Tours does most of it's virtual tours in Central Connecticut, but we do often travel to other areas in New England.  Each virtual tour is customized for each client, please contact us for more information.

Every job has its unique attributes and as such we quote on each specific job we shoot.  There are many options for each tour.  Some locations have people everywhere and that involves more time to do the shoot.  Some images require more post processing time to "clean up" the images.  Some locations are extremely remote, requiring increased travel time or hiking in to the location.  Some have specific requirements with respect to weather conditions or available hours for the shoot.  And with all tours, considering the four seasons of New England, we can set up long-term agreements which involve us shooting the same locations throughout the year.


includedIncluded with all virtual tours:

  • Integrated full-screen high-definition view
  • Custom virtual tour window
  • Your company banner & logo
  • Your agent picture, contact information
  • Property description posted to tour     
  • Weekly email virtual tour traffic reports
  • Posting of virtual tour to online realty websites
  • Links for posting of virtual tour to your website
  • Download tour enabled - for offline viewing
  • Email tour enabled - for online sharing
  • Map, satellite, city and school data
  • Unlimited years of virtual tour hosting
  • Still shots for you to post with the MLS listing
  • Interactive custom hot spots available
  • Tour background music


Additional virtual tour options:

  • Night Shots  (one-time shoot of outside still shots at night):  $50
  • Seasonal Shots  (one-time reshoot of outside still shots):  $50
  • Single property website address:  $15
  • Property specific sale sign rider  (requires website address above):  $25

Custom virtual tour packages are available based on your individual needs, just contact us to discuss the details and prices.  Prices are also available for just the high quality still shots without the panoramics and virtual tour.

Trust us to use our many years of photographic experience to use the best photographs to properly render your property in an exceptional interactive virtual tour.




We accept online payments through PayPal (credit card, PayPal direct debit, etc).
PayPal membership is not required.
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In person, we can take credit/debit cards through an Intuit card reader on our iPhone.

Payments by check should be made to:
Scott Blanchette Photography
116 South Mountain Drive
New Britain, CT 06052-1512


Terms and Conditions

  • Delivery: An estimated delivery date of the completed virtual tour and any optional components will be communicated on the day of the photo shoot. Once the virtual tour is created and complete, notification will be given to the client, which will also include information on accessing the virtual tour using the various internet links.
  • Presentation Mode: The virtual tour will initially be loaded in “limited functionality” mode; not all virtual tour components and features will be available. Once payment has been received by A-Perspective, all virtual tour features and components will be fully enabled. Non-payment after 21 days may result in deactivation of the virtual tour.
  • Service Area: Published pricing is valid for all property locations within a 40 mile radius of our office. Additional mileage surcharge of $.25 per mile over 40 miles will apply for travel outside our normal service area.
  • Staging: A-Perspective is not responsible for on-site staging of the property. Realtor or on-site representative is responsible for any staging that may be necessary. Property will be photographed ‘as-is’ upon arrival. We can adjust lighting / window treatments as necessary to get the best shot.
  • Cancellation Policy: Customer may cancel 4 hours prior to scheduled appointment by notifying A-Perspective with no additional charge. If no notification is provided and virtual tour photographer arrives at the scheduled appointment and is prevented from completing the job due to Realtor or representative not being present or the property is not ready for the shoot, there will be a cancellation fee of $50.
  • Inclement Weather Policy: If inclement weather prevents the virtual tour photo shoot, A-Perspective will reschedule the shoot with no cancellation fees.
  • Modifications: Virtula tour text information may be edited at any time. Virtual tour modifications requiring additional site photography, advanced photo retouching, or extensive virtual tour alterations may be subject to additional fees.